Mental health

It is a well-known fact that people tend to live fast, and living fast can be quite stressful. Times have changed, and so today we have a modern generation that is much focused on work and achieving a better future for their family. Technology has progressed a lot, allowing us easier and faster communication with each other and everything is easily accessible, which has its good and bad sides. So we have people who are running for money and are pursuing their own life ambitions while forgetting about themselves, their mental and physical health, their spiritual side and their true life purpose. Such people are not only in a constant battle with the time they are trying to catch up with but also in an eternal fight with themselves.

Mental health was a sort of taboo subject just a few decades ago, but now things have changed. We realized that the new era brings new issues and paying attention and taking care of mental health is one of them. It is OK to feel the need to slow down. You need to treat your body and your soul now and then. We need to go offline occasionally, go to nature, and travel a little. Explore new locations like Split, a city in Croatia and discover what the best things to do in Split are. Explore Krka National Park tour from Split with Zen travel Croatia, or just go fishing to the nearest lake. We need to know when to hit the brakes in our lives.

This can result in a perpetual feeling of dissatisfaction, frustration, bitterness, and a sense of helplessness and unpreparedness, and by being in such a state, we lose productivity and motivation. In moments like that, we need to admit that we have simply spent ourselves and just stop will all the activities. We will probably need some time for ourselves, to get back the “life fuel” that is keeping us “alive”. So the question is how to strike a balance, while having so much work and other obligations and dealing with so much stress, but still maintain mental stability and health? What can we do for ourselves, and are there people who can help us in that process?

Life Coaching

You may have heard of this term before through the media, internet, newspapers, self-help books and others, but you’re still not sure who they are and what’s their real purpose? You can probably think that the vast majority of “life couches” are just simple fraudsters who make huge money on someone else’s misfortune and naivety, as their greatest desire is to change their lives. YouTube channels are full of people that talk about their life experiences, accomplishments, conversions, and as such, give recipes for happiness and inner peace. Some of them will find easy and pleasant to listen, and some of them just won’t give you the vibe you need, so we can say it is not easy to be a good life coach.

A good life coach should have some specific qualities and ability to bond with the clients, someone who is inspirational. It is also important that the person is a good listener, so you feel like you can share all of your dreams and fears, and have trust and confidence. There is nothing to be ashamed of asking for a help someone who has greater skills than us, it’s actually necessary!

These are the facts

  • A life coach can help you in your personal growth, show you how to improve your life, change your habits, define your goals and visions and make you feel more focused and organized.
  • Life couches are like sports trainers; they are simply training our mind to function in a different way and give us motivation and inspiration that we have lost.
  • Of course, our family and friends can be supportive and try to help us with a piece of advice, but most of the time they will act too subjective and overprotecting, which is completely normal.
  • A life coach can also show you how to learn to love yourself, in all your forms, flaws and virtues, build your confidence and some new skills and knowledge.

You should have in mind that life couch cannot solve all of your problems, but make you aware of it.


Life coaching

Career coaching

Team coaching

Leadership coaching

Career and team coaching

People are different: some of them know from the beginning what they want to do and have a clear goal and vision about it, and some are simply hesitant and may not have enough skills and knowledge, so they have no confidence and just need someone who will encourage them, and help them reach and unleash all their potentials. My work is based on helping professionals to discover their passion for work and to help them navigate their professional life in order to meet the qualities and goals of private life. Rediscovering individual passion is one of my favorite works as it brings a lot of challenges but at the same time a lot of satisfaction when we make it happen. It is easy to lose yourself in daily routine and to forget about your professional needs, and that brings a lot of anxiety.

Career coaching

If you find yourself in a feeling that your work doesn’t fulfill you, brings you satisfaction besides a regular paycheck, then you need to rethink what your next move will be. My job is to analyze your skills, discover things that you are passionate about then according to them identify steps and actions that will land you to your dream job. Picking the right tools is something that I do, and I can guarantee that it will work.

Team coaching

Teamwork makes a dream work! Working in a group is challenging, many profiles of people need to synchronize in order to achieve maximum out of their work. It can be hard to have so many personalities in so many positions. Having only one bad link can ruin everything! I have a set of measures to identify the strength of the group and tools on how to upgrade the quality of the workgroup. Developing and bonding don’t have to be boring; my group work sessions are a fun and productive way of improving the ‘chemistry’ within the group.

Leadership coaching

What makes a good leader? Everybody thinks that they will know what to do if they get a leading role, but being a leader is a hard and very stressful job. It takes a lot of time and experience to develop leadership skills, but I can help you fast forward the process and work on your skills to become the best possible leader. A leader is not someone who shouts the rules and orders; it is someone who is leading with a sample, it’s someone who is an inspiration to the others. The best investment that you can do is to invest in yourself!