Claudette Rowley

Claudette Rowley
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Embrace Your Brilliance - This book will lead the reader through the process of shedding fears, perspectives and outlooks that limit all of us. Learn more about Embrace Your Brilliance and download a free sample chapter. 

5 Steps to Rebuilding Your Company - Your company is hit with an unexpected blow: a key business partner departs, you lose a lucrative account, or a contract runs into a snag. What do you do now?


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We Partner With You To Improve Performance

Are you experiencing:

  • A lack of trust that impedes effective communication?
  • Unresolved conflicts that get in the way of organizational functioning?
  • Rapid organizational change?
  • The challenges of working on a virtual team?
  • Plans that don't yield the rights results?
  • Employees who aren't performing up to their potential?

MetaVoice is a consulting company that partners with executives and teams to improve performance. Through a collaborative process, we help you capitalize on your strengths, learn from your conflicts, and design strategies for optimal performance. Our services include organizational development, team building and facilitation, conflict resolution, training and executive coaching.

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We specialize in helping organizations determine what's "really going on" in their teams and departments, and resolve obstacles to organizational growth, evolution and success. Working collaboratively, we assess the situation, and identify positive opportunities for intervention, change and prevention. Based on your goals and objectives, we partner with you to devise and implement an action plan that meets your needs.

We help you achieve the results you want, increase your satisfaction, and make a positive impact on the bottom line.

"Claudette was able to analyze our situation and gave us options for a solution that met our needs. During our team building process, Claudette's ability to facilitate our management team interactions and evolving process of gained trust benefited us to the point at which meetings are engaging, more productive, and more results-oriented. Claudette exceeded our expectations. There's no way we would be where we are today without her assistance. I highly recommend her services!"

- President, Appli-tec, Inc.

We partner with you to transform performance.